Friday, December 4, 2009

Story idea alert: children's health.

This blog is not—I repeat, not—a place to air my personal gripes. But would someone please write a story about how practically no pediatricians in the D.C. area (and probably elsewhere) who take insurance are also taking new patients? Unless they are newborns, which I have on good authority is a totally arbitrary distinction. After all, if you are not adding patients because you are busy, why do you make an exception for the patients who need to see you every month?

I am totally willing to be your lead anecdote.

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  1. Try going to a GP. If you go see a really old fellow, as we did, you'll find he doesn't ask stupid/nosy questions about whether your child always wears a seat belt or a helmet when he goes out and how much TV he watches, but he still knows enough to diagnose an ear infection or a broken limb.

    Happy searching! We're very happy with our current physician. :]