Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is your state promising?

It is imperative that reporters request their states’ Race to the Top applications, even if they aren’t releasing them willingly. Not just the highlights, the whole thousand-page shebang. Because I am sure there are an awful lot of promises in there, massive change even, and journalists should be scrutinizing and questioning and analyzing. All this is, and will be, moving fast, and we need to stay on top of everything before the mess of implementation is upon us.


  1. Alexander Russo at has compiled the most comprehensive list of links to applications at the moment, and is working on it as well. Now read your state's! (Or FOIA it if they are refusing to give it up.)

  2. thanks, linda -- here's the link of the current list of 21 as of this afternoon:

    wyoming's is the last one i've added.

  3. Interesting...very interesting to read what is planned for us. Reporters? Heck, teachers should read their state's doc to see what is coming their way in the next few years.