Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hess in the house.

Katy bar the door: Rick Hess is blogging! Rick is skeptical of fads (no matter which “side” they emerge from), well-informed and sometimes very right. Like, how can I not be excited to hear him articulate this?:

“For what it’s worth, I find K-12 schooling to be one of the few places in life where we suffer a shortage of cynics and skeptics. The cost is a dearth of observers willing to deliver some bitter medicine to a sector gorged on saccharine sentiment.”

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  1. David Marshak recently explained Rick Hess's work in a letter to the editor of Phi Delta Kappan:
    "Rick Hess is a knowledgeable, thoughtful man who has many interesting things to offer. I've corresponded with Rick for more than 15 years. Nonetheless Rick is employed by the American Enterprise Institute, a political entity funded primarily by wealthy, right-wing Republicans who have sought for decades to privatize public education. Rick has not been a scholar or a researcher or an educator for many years. His job is to further the interests and values of AEI, which, I assume, are also his own personal values and interests. He is essentially a propagandist, a political operative."

    You say "very right" and I assume you do NOT mean "right" as in accurate!