Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forgoing teaching?

A new report in California shows a significant drop in the number of people entering teacher preparation programs in that state. You can’t blame someone for bypassing teaching these days, as it is far from a sure bet at employment. I am curious if this trend is reflected elsewhere, and what it means for improving teacher quality at the beginning of the pipeline. Are universities able to be as selective as before, which, some would argue, was not that selective to begin with?


  1. What about the fact that teachers are so widely demonized, disrespected, blamed, punished, deprofessionalized and on and on and on? Low pay and a shortage of jobs isn't exactly a promising situation, but the endless barrage of disparagement is probably the biggest deterrent of all.

  2. It may also be that there are many non-traditional ways of entering the field now. For what its worth now, there seem to be plenty of very capable applicants.

    Jason Glass