Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shoulda known it was Schnur.

Steven Brill, in a piece in the upcoming New York Times Magazine, lays out the political landscape of education reform better than any piece I have seen during this administration. He does not actually get into what these debates mean when it comes to the education of actual children in actual schools, but he doesn’t purport to. And did you know before where “Race to the Top” came from?


  1. I as much as anyone have called for a better understanding and explanation of how merit pay would or would not work, what tests do or don't tell us, etc. The Brill piece didn't deal with the substance of those conversations, and didn't pretend to. I liked it for its portrayal of the political lines, which, frankly, in reality reflect the most reductive possible understanding of the issues.

  2. Alexander Russo:

    Media: Brill's Big Sloppy Wet Kiss For Reformy Types