Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thinking private.

According to a new NCES survey, private school teachers with one to three years’ experience have an attrition rate more than double their public school peers. Who knew? And why?

Gets me thinking that in all this discussion about teaching quality, nobody ever addresses private schools. How are their teachers hired, evaluated, measured? Obviously reporting on privates is hard, because they are, well, not public, but they do educate more than one in ten American children, and might hold some important lessons.


  1. Private teachers should be more knowledgeable than public teachers because parents and students expect higher quality education. I studied in a private school and I think the difference is the additional curriculum they follow. Maybe discipline is the next key.

  2. It baffles me that private school parents don't seem to pay any attention at all to the consumer-smarts issue: Is it really worth paying $20-$35K (the going rate in my community) for something you could get for free? Yes, for $35K vs. free, private school teachers SHOULD be more knowledgeable, but are they? And if it's not clear, why would you be forking over $35K? It's your money, but I'm just sayin'. (And folks who are taking out second mortgages and spending their college and retirement funds --OK, mincing no words -- that's just incredibly stupid.)