Monday, August 30, 2010

This is why teachers tell students to check their work.

Wow—what a week to be away! I’m still sweeping up vacation detritus, so I can’t talk long, and I know I am late on this. But allow me to just pop in to say that it puzzles me that a state otherwise deemed deserving of $400 million in grants would not get it because they filled in one answer wrong. Rules are rules, but, um, wow.


  1. And if we view it from another perspective, rules are designed to serve a good purpose. Would one missed question seriously compromise the overall quality in hand? If not it defeats itself.

  2. This points up how immoral, hardhearted and just plain dead wrong the whole notion of Race to the Top is. My poor kids win and your poor kids lose, neener neener. Arne Duncan just has to go. It's horrifying.