Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am headed to the other Washington.

On November 1, The Educated Reporter is picking up stakes and moving to Seattle. My husband—a “tech guy,” in proper English—has taken a new job there. No need to worry—I will still be public-editoring full-time for EWA. You can reach me in all of the same ways, at all of the same times, except probably that first hour you are at work on the East Coast.

If you can think of anyone in Washington state I should get to know (or anywhere I should eat!), please let me know.


  1. Hi Linda - The other Washington welcomes you!
    We have a number of education related non-profit organizations you should definitely get to know, including:
    *Seattle Works
    *Seattle Foundation
    *Stand For Children

    If you'd like to email me I can send you specific contacts...

    As for food - options abound!
    You MUST try Staples & Fancy, La Bete, Boat Street Cafe, La Spiga, and the list goes on and on!

    Safe travels to your new home!

  2. Yay. Congrats to your husband. And we're not the "other" Washington. That's what we call D.C.

  3. Hum there's an education organization that gives out tons of grants every year. You might look them up, something like the Gill and Lucinda Bates Foundation.


  4. Linda,

    Eat at LaSpiga, Dahlia Lounge, and visit us at Independent Colleges of Washington!

    Greg Scheiderer
    Vice President