Monday, December 6, 2010

Michelle Rhee’s got a new gig.

Michelle Rhee has created a new organization, which you can find here and which she describes in a Newsweek article here. Seems they will lobby and support candidates and ... we’ll see. We continue to witness the genesis of a lot of collaborations and organizations devoted to education reform; it’s hard to discern what will distinguish them, and what they will actually do, but obviously what sets this one apart is the woman at its helm.

As for the name: Though at times it may be the case, it is a particularly irksome form of rhetoric to insist that people who oppose your policies must not be thinking of the needs of children. As a former copy editor, though, my bigger problem in this case is that the group itself can’t figure out what it is called. In its own materials and Rhee’s article, they refer to themselves as Students First, StudentsFirst and Studentsfirst.

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  1. DCPS parent here. Based on the last 3.5 years at my child's Title I elementary school, I feel certain that Michelle will continue to put herself first.

    I know she talks a good story, but save for textbooks being delivered on time, precious little improved on her watch. I know test scores are often cited, but elementary scores actually dropped from 2008-2010. The fact that the achievement gap widened on her watch is troublesome and merits attention as well.

    I wish those who cover Rhee would spend less time dazzled by her high heels and quick tongue and more time examining what "change" she brought about. Up close and personal, they aren't pretty.

    I know I sound bitter, but the budget mess she left behind has a painful ramifications for my children.