Friday, January 14, 2011

Casting against type.

I still receive drafts from people who type two spaces after every period. Though I itch like mad to delete those extra spaces, every single one of them, I assume they must have a good reason—like, their publications require it? Like, they were never told it was not a rule anymore? As Farhad Manjoo writes in Slate, there is no good reason. One space. Please.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. i'd never been told the new rule. I just figured that it was still in effect for writers, and the computers changed it. Learn something wierd every day about wierd suppositions that I guess used to be called tradition.

    I still write Focussed like the New Yorker does, and then go back and change it. come to think of it, I half of the time I still write spell according to the Anglicized spelling that I learned when English publications were different, and then can't recall which is right. But then again, standardized spelling is the sign of a sick mind.

    But you're not kidding? We are supposed to drop the second space? Who would have thunk it?