Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miss Rhee and Miss Grundy

I am all for pop culture references, as you know, but like puns, they have to make sense in all directions. Of this I feel very strongly. The headline “Miss Grundy Was Fired Today” on Andrew Rice’s New York magazine piece about Michelle Rhee makes no sense. First, while the headline writer probably was referring to the advanced age of Archie’s teacher, in comicland, and how she might be at risk without a last-in-first-out policy, I recall she was actually a good teacher—so presumably her job would have been safe. Second, she died while still a teacher, so she couldn’t have been fired. Third, um, how big is the Venn diagram intersection of New York Magazine readers and people who remember who the hell Miss Grundy was?

That out of the way, this article says more about what Rhee is trying to do with her organization, StudentsFirst, and the political interplay of her efforts and the current environment, than anything else I have read so far. Read it.

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