Friday, March 4, 2011

“Top Chef,” Tiffany, and gainful employment.

Because I don’t have a TV at the moment (crazy, if you know me!), I don’t get to watch “Top Chef” the night it airs. And because I fell asleep before my two-year-old last night (apparently and fortunately, he took my lead at some point and put aside the books and closed his eyes), I didn’t get to watch it on Amazon last night as I had planned. So when I write what I am about to write, I’m not inviting SPOILERS. I don’t want to hear, “Oh, Tiffany—I am so sad she got cut.” Or, “Oh, Tiffany—I am so sad she didn’t get cut.”

But, Tiffany. She isn’t my favorite on the show; obviously it is hard for viewers to judge the contestants’ food, but I never get a superjones to taste her dishes the way I do with some of her competitors. When I read her commentary in The Hill against the gainful employment rule, I was concerned that she wasn’t really giving the full context, including of her own alma mater, the Art Institute of Houston. Julie Margetta Morgan of the Center for American Progress, blogging at Think Progress, fills in some of what Tiffany omitted.

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  1. Interesting post; I'll be sure to have a look at Tiffany's writing, as well.