Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New to the higher ed beat? Read this.

Last week I posted resources I think are helpful for K-12 reporters to stay abreast of national issues. Today, here is what I recommend to new higher ed reporters:

—You simply cannot cover the beat without signing up to receive daily bulletins from Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle of Higher Education. It would be like obsessing over celebrities without reading People and Us. Touring Provence without visiting Aix or Arles or Avignon. (Oh wait, I did that once, but I had my reasons.) Everything on IHE is free, and the Chronicle gives journalist free subscriptions and is very generous about lifting you over the paywall for links and such.

Lumina Foundation send out links to the day’s higher ed headlines—unfortunately, only the headlines, but it is something.

—Blogs worth reading: Joanne Jacobs on community colleges at Hechinger, Quick and the Ed, the New America Foundation blogs, Mike Kirst’s College Puzzle, Center for College Affordability and Productivity, and, if you are into admissions issues from a consumer perspective, The Choice at the New York Times.

What am I missing?


  1. Other worthwhile bulletins:

    _University Business Magazine's daily newsletter, which thoroughly rounds up higher-ed news stories sandwiched between job postings, new product announcements and contracts: http://bit.ly/awGikF

    _ The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities compiles top headlines and links daily ... even though today its Twitter feed promoted an opinion piece in a North Dakota newspaper that badly distorted a recent AP story on collegiate learning. www.naicu.edu/rss/newsroom.asp

    _ The American Council on Education's Division of Government and Public Affairs sends out headlines/links twice a week: http://bit.ly/i2Rgpr

    You won't miss much if you get these.

  2. Agreed with Eric G. on the ACE headlines.

    Good twitter follows:

    @educationsector, @chronicle, @insidehighered, @aceducation, @edpresssec, @jamieindy, @wpjenna, @johntlawlor, @keithhampson, @changehighered, @egorski, @goldiestandard, @marcparry, @nyteducation. And @lindaperlstein.