Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fire at EWA. Can you help?

There was a building fire at EWA this morning. Everyone is okay, but there will be damage, and even without this setback, the organization could use some love. By love I mean money. Did you know that there is no cost to join EWA? Did you know that nearly everyone attends our conferences for free, and that includes travel subsidies? Did you know of the nearly 400 journalists who have come to me for one-on-one help over the last three years, none had to pay a penny?

EWA relies on the generosity of foundations, but anyone connected to the nonprofit world, especially in journalism, knows that that is not enough these days. If you feel like you have been helped by EWA—either directly or because you feel like better education journalism means better education for our kids (which is certainly how I feel)—please consider a donation.

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