Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good work on turnarounds?

Turnovers, takeovers, reconstitutions, whatever you want to call them—they are the #1 topical issue journalists are coming to me about lately, given how many of them are covering School Improvement Grants. Everyone wants good examples of journalism already done on schools that were taken over by the state or outside groups or otherwise turned over with staff and curricular changes. This could be last year, or last decade. Successful, or not so much.

I certainly have some examples to share but am looking for more. Suggest some here in the comments or in e-mail to me, as well your favorite experts to call for perspective on the topic. I will assemble them in a way that is of use to all.

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  1. We've been covering the turnaround effort in Philadelphia, Renaissance Schools, very closely. http://www.thenotebook.org/renaissance-schools-page

    Last year we published an edition about school turnaround: http://www.thenotebook.org/february-2010/102171/school-turnarounds

    If people have any specific questions about turnaround in Philly, let me know! Thanks.